Dear P. Trash family!
Please let me all tell you the following: It is very very hard and bitter to lose somebody you love, somebody you shared so many good years and millions of precious moments with. But the love, friendship and appreciation you showed for Peter console and help us in these difficult times. We want to thank everybody who shared their thoughts and memories, who solaced us with warm and kind words and little gestures of sympathy. You are great and it feels good to know you are there! Thank you so much!

Susanne, Annika & Madita

Attention: There will be one last P. Trash release this year, Full Trash 150. Together with our beloved friends of NO FRONT TEETH, FDH and Tobi (MOLASKI/ GEN NULL) we will end P. Trash with TRASH ON! - A TRIBUTE TO PETER EICHHORN & P. TRASH RECORDS with 80+ P. Trash bands from all over the years, unreleased songs, killer artwork done by Marco NFT on a fistful of LPs! There is no other way for us to thank Peter for his friendship! Please stay tuned!


Dear P. Trash family,
dismayed and with great sadness we have to inform you that Peter of P. Trash Records died last tuesday, 16th of January 2018, from his injuries following a tragic car accident. With Peter, the record label also died. There will be no more releases on P. Trash.
Our children, parents, friends and me, we are deeply shocked and devastated and we can't believe it.
Please understand that I need some time for us at the moment. I will try to work off all open business as soon as possible. I know you understand!


PS: In case you have questions or you feel the need to say something, please contact
Tobi Schazmann e-mail: tobischaz@hotmail.com He will pass everything on to me. Thanks!


VOIGHT-KAMPFF - The Din of Dying Youth LP (Full Trash 140) (Co-release with Deranged Rec.)

Brand New


"The Din Of Dying Youth" LP coming off the heels off a mounting barrage of thick post-punk releases in previous years, VOIGHT-KAMPFF pushes out another assault of atmospheric post-punk and SMITHS-meets-CHAMELEONS-style pop banger with their new LP "The Din Of Dying Youth".
Immediately dropping into the fray like a paratrooper on the first track, the album's rhythmic chiming and bolting drums push their way through the melodic chorus-drenched guitar like a jackhammer pushing through a stream of water, cooling it down from overheating, in a sky-scraping industrial park factory where no sunlight reaches. The vocals reach over the tracks like the foreman of the factory speaking through the PA system to his human-replaced assembly line machines while simultaneously gripping the self-destruct button to detonate the entire site. Through the screeches and tears, faint optimistic veils drift in and out, spiraling around the tracks like a miasma.
Clocking in at just over 20 minutes, "The Din Of Dying Youth" delivers a solid line without fluff or filling, striking both sides of the alternative melancholy buzz, from Creation Records to the steel grinding steel noise of Touch & Go. As the tracks go on feel the momentum as you're shot and traveling miles per minute through overhead cable lines from the Muddy Waters of the Mississippi River into the cold Northeastern waters of the Quabbin Reservoir. Josh Jenkins a perfect blend of sonic sounds and industrial era programming, resulting in nothing less than dark-wave BAUHAUS-esque quality. On "The Din of Dying Yout", are upbeat pop songs that could fit quite nicely on a classic dark pop LP like "Script of the Bridge". A referral for steady listeners of JOY DIVISION, ICEAGE, BAUHAUS and CHAMELEONS.

Limd. 200 "Regular" Edit. black wax, fixed into amazing die-cut sleeves! 12,50 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. black wax, fixed into special die-cut metallic mirror silver paperboard 16,90 Euro


MISCALCULATIONS - Echolocation LP (Full Trash 137) (Co-release with No Front Teeth Rec.)

Brand New


Once again Marco NO FRONT TEETH and MISCALCULATIONS set up an alluring and sticky flytrap of an album that you simply keep your ears glued to. The new bunch of songs swarm in unmistakably with Marco's high pitched and voice that buzzes in your head and makes you wiggle happily.
On "Echolocation" MISCALCULATIONS throw back familiar soundwaves and yet they manage to advance their formula with almost undistorted and driving guitars, fantastic choruses, more background voices and melodies that perfectly blend power-popped up Punkrock (think of he whole cast BUZZCOCKS, GAGGERS, STATUES, TOYOTAS) in insanely catchy songs like "War in dreams", "Tame the ocean", "Blurred photographs" or "The escapist" with WIRE-like Post-Punk in slower songs like "Petrol sea", "Spreading the disease while supplying the cure" and "A new astronomy".
On this release you find even more No-Wave synths and fast electronic drum sounds here and there, especially in the title track and in the secret super hit "Those who wish to be stolen from". Just take off and let the sound of MISCALCULATIONS take you on another pleasant and poetic night flight.

Limd. 150 "Regular" P.Trash Rec. Edit. black wax, fixed into standard sleeves! 11,90 Euro
Limd. 250 "Regular" No Front Teeth Edit. black wax, fixed into standard sleeves! 11,90 Euro
Limd. "Hand-Collaged" No Front Teeth Edit. black wax, (every one is different)!!! Sold to pre-orders only!
Limd. "Glass Eye" Edit. black wax, band's own label, sold to pre-orders only!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. black wax! With deluxe silk-screened covers! 16,90 Euro


JUST JEFFREY - Coffee, Tea & Me LP (Full Trash 132) (Licensed from La Ti Da Rec.)

Brand New

Limd. 300 Deluxe Silk-Screened Sleeve Europe Version with new artwork!
It’s been twelve long years between solo LPs from everyone’s favourite frontman, Jeffrey McCloy (TRANZMITORS / FASHIONISM). McCloy has long worn his anglophile leanings on his sleeve – if not his lapel – and on "Coffee, Tea & Me" we see him striking out on his own, putting on the Brit with gleeful abandon.
From the early WHO and KINKS to THE JAM and THE VAPORS, the musical influences aren’t hard to pick out. This is a mod revival, and a campy, tongue-in-cheek one at that. There’s songs about football, drinking tea (like, every other song), and evil widows who live at the end of the lane. It’s all silly, nostalgic fun, and McCloy absolutely nails it, thanks in no small part to his own self-awareness. “I look out of place but I feel no disgrace,” he confesses on the album’s closer, “English Way Of Life”.
Unlike previous projects that saw a full band backing him up at all times, on "Coffee, Tea & Me" the focus is largely on McCloy’s vocals. On songs like “Cellular Devices” or “Believe What You Must”, the sparse arrangements allow his hilariously affected yet oddly charming voice to take centre stage. When he does bust out the full band on numbers like “Kids These Days” and “World Made For Me,” no one is stepping on McCloy’s toes; the drums are tastefully understated and the keys give him plenty of space to breathe. These are pop songs after all, complete with the requisite harmonies and key changes, and damn if they aren’t catchy.

Limd. 200 "Regular" P.Trash Rec. Edit. comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, brown-beige, red and blue artwork printed on thick white paper!!! 14,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, white, red and blue artwork printed on thick brown-beige recycled/natural paper!!! 16,90 Euro


TELECULT - Waiting 7" (P.Trash 101) (Co-release with Crapoulet & No Glory Rec.)

Sold Out


TELECULT, a new pop punk/garage band from Paris, France. The songs recorded and mixed in Paris by Maxime Smadja (YOUTH AVOIDERS, RIXE..) and mastered by Dave Williams (STEVE ADAMYK BAND, CRUSADES…).
TELECULT line-up is 3/4 of THE HELLTONS (pop punk) which released two LPs, some Europe and a US tours.

Limd. 200 "Regular" Edit. black wax, fixed into standard sleeves! Sold Out
Limd. 87 "P.Trash Club" Edit. black wax, black artwork printed to metallic mirror silver paperboard! Sold Out


NIGHTWATCHERS - Good Kids Obey Oneside-LP (Full Trash 136) (Co-release with No Glory / La Agonia de Vivir / Inhumano Discos / Endless Daze Rec.)



The NIGHTWATCHERS is a young and insubordinate gang of juvenile streetfighters from the country that brought us the modern-day revolution and their first platter serves us 7 catchy instructions for civil disobedience. The songs come on strong and straight forward and they are soaking with juicy guitar melodies and catchy singalong choruses like the rag of a molotov cocktail is soaking with gasoline.
The slightly darker opener ''The Hangman'' arrives with sticks and stones and reminds of OBSERVERS, RADIOACTIVITY, NERVOSAS and a wee bit of BULLET LAVOLTA'S ''Dead wrong''. It is followed by the punkier ''Nightwatcher'', ''Scum'' and ''Juvenile Crime'' with a fistful of street attitude, singalongs and a harder edge, somewhere between REGULATIONS, MODERN ACTION and CIRCLE JERKS. ''Friendly fire'' lets the sirens blare with its MARKED MEN/SEDATIVES/STATUES punk, ''Border control'' has a totally great guitar line and explores the darker post-punk realm and ''Making it great again'' finally drops the bomb with a melody that makes you go wild.
This is good fodder for all the kids that do not want to obey....an unstoppable and burning soundtrack for the next decent punkrock riot.
The record comes as a one-sided-12inch with a silkscreened B-side of a burning police car....

Limd. 130 "Regular" "pouvoir de la police" black wax, silk-screen printed B-Side wax, P.Trash Rec. Edit. 11,90 Euro
Limd. 130 "Regular" "pouvoir de la police" black wax, silk-screen printed B-Side wax, No Glory Rec. Edit. 11,90 Euro
Limd. 40 "Regular" "pouvoir de la police" black wax, silk-screen printed B-Side wax, Inhumano Discos Rec. Edit. 11,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "Regular" "pouvoir de la police" black wax, silk-screen printed B-Side wax, Silkscreen Sleeve, Endless Daze Edit.
Limd. 40 "Regular" "pouvoir de la police" black wax, silk-screen printed B-Side wax, La Agonia de Vivir Edit. 11,90 Euro
Limd. 60 "Regular" "pouvoir de la police" black wax, silk-screen printed B-Side wax, Nightwatchers Edit. 11,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" "Polizeigewalt" Edit. black wax, silk-screen printed B-Side wax, Silkscreen Sleeve edit. 16,90 Euro


PAST - Czarno/Biala (Black/White) LP (Full Trash 133) (Co-release with Samuel / PHR Rec. / Contraszt! Rec. / PAST Rec.)

Brand New, but we are Sold Out of our part of the regular version rigth now!!!
To get copies get in touch with our co-release partner or our distro-partner!


If you are able to crack a smile even through the tears, the new album of Polish band PAST will be exactly for you! Their raw sound can't deny countrymen of SIEKIERA´s classics - they can be as cold as X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND, but full of hope and energy, they can also give you new zest for life. They are more melodic than VÅNNA INGET and more melancholic than MAKTHEVERSKAN. On the LP "Black/White", the 80's post-punk gets a distinctive character also thanks to the strong vocal of the singer Gosia, who really performs her dissatisfaction with the state of today's world with expression and is not satisfied with a vacant "singing". She's got an opinion, she complains, calms down, screams, she can dream away and get angry and her fellow bandmates are helping her with that. Eleven songs and a cover by EWA BRAUN are definitely not black and white. On the contrary, the album is full of colors - the brighter ones and the darker ones as well. However, all of them are intensive and that's a specific sign of PAST. Moreover, the lyric poetry in Polish makes it believable and leaves no space for empty phrases. Fans will be able to get the vinyl "Czarno/Biala" for instance on the mini-tour in the Czech Republic or in Gliwice, where PAST are going to be a support for the legendary CLAN OF XYMOX. (Demi / sanctuary.cz)

Limd. 100 "Regular" P.Trash Rec. Edit. Sold Out
Limd. 200 "Regular" Past Rec. Edit. Sold Out
Limd. 150 "Samuel / PHR Rec." Edit. Sold Out
Limd. 150 "Contraszt! Rec." Edit. Sold Out
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. black wax, black artwork printed to metallic mirror silver paperboard! 16,90 Euro


SVART KATT - Rosta Sönder 7" (P.Trash 99) (Co-release with Rundgång Rec.)



SVART KATT are everybody's favourite punk pets since they started to appear on the hot Swedish tin roof. They follow the footsteps of other fellow bands, like EBBA GRÖN, HURULAS, STEFAN & THE PROBLEMATIX, MASSHYSTERI or TRISTESS, with an unmistakeable sound between melody and melancholy. All five songs on this 7'' share the desperate, reverb driven vocals and super cool synths in the background that makes it clear hat we are talking post-punk here. Powerful bass lines in driving mid-tempo, twangy reverb guitars, dark organs and attitude as well as a rough and authentic live room production support this beautiful end time feeling.
It is definitely going to be a good day when this black cat record is crossing your path!

Limd. 200 "Regular" P.Trash Rec. Edit. black wax, fixed into standard sleeves! 5,25 Euro
Limd. 300 "Regular" Rundgång Rec. Edit. black wax, fixed into standard sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. black wax, black artwork printed to metallic mirror silver paperboard! 9,90 Euro


STALIN VIDEO - Chosen Minority LP (Full Trash 134) (Co-release with Crapoulet / No Front Teeth Rec.)



2nd LP from STALIN VIDEO made up of members from South Carolina’s NOW IN 3D and London’s snot-kings THE GAGGERS. Think THE SPITS or SPIDER fronted by the singer of MISCALCULATIONS / THE GAGGERS and mixed up to a pure KDB sound!!!

Limd. Limd. 193 "Regular" No Front Teeth / Crapoulet Rec. Edit. black wax, fixed into standard sleeves! 13,90 Euro
Limd. 98 "P.Trash Club" Edit. black wax! With the bloody STALIN / JOHN TRAVOLTA Disco artwork printed to deluxe silk-screened covers!!! 16,90 Euro


DYSCONTROL - Living Without LP (Full Trash 124)


A record like one of those you used to dub on tape and listened to on a stroll underneath a concrete sky in your industrial town. And while you looked up the grey tower buildings surrounding you, you suddenly felt the darkness crushing in on you. And your sadness went along with your anger and you took a look inside the windows and the music just screamed inside you.
And for a moment you just forgot everything you lacked and you just felt good. DYSCONTROL from Halifax/Canada (the new band of David Brown of CAREER SUICIDE) have captured this old feeling on their first full length, a record that makes you stomp and shiver. The dry and direct sound of the songs really define what is so excessively used under the monicker of Post-Punk these days.
There are the WIPERS and MISSION OF BURMA influenced mid-tempo creepers "Common threat", "Problem solution" or "Conductor" with their anthemic bass lines and choruses. But there are also the faster "Somnambulist" or "End of days" that sound like late 80 UK Punks CRISIS and songs like "Where you live" and "On my side" that will remind you of the STATUES in their darker mood.
All over this record there is this certain feeling of aggressive melancholia that reaches you deep down, grabs you and does not let you go. A record you definitely do not want to live without anymore. Mastered by Rob Seaton of the STATUES.

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. black wax fixed into inside-out printed sleeves! 11,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. black wax with deluxe silk-screened covers! 16,50 Euro


COLD CALLERS - Covering Lies LP (Full Trash 135) (Co-release with No Front Teeth Rec.)


Another fantastic band around mastermind Mr. Palumbo "MISCALCULATIONS, EXIT, SACCHARINE SOUVENIRS, GAGGERS" etc. This is a proper 10 songs straight powerpop album with lots of harmonies and musiciany bits, recorded to a "New Wave" innocent sound! Influenced by THE SPONSOR, OTHER KIDS, INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND, STARJETS etc!

Limd. "Regular" No Front Teeth Rec. Edit. black wax, fixed into standard sleeves! 12,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. black wax! With deluxe silk-screened covers! 16,50 Euro