TRASH KNIFE 2017 US East Coast Tour


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01/12 - Tarbes (FR) at Celtic Pub + Vegan Piranha

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GEN NULL - Hey, Maschine 7" (P.Trash 100 / NFTR210) (Co-release with No Front Teeth / Glass Eye Rec.)

Auf unserer 100sten P.Trash 7'' Veröffentlichung präsentieren wir eine Band aus unserer nicht-existenten Heimatstadt, die seit der Veröffentlichung der NOTDURFT LP vor 35 Jahren auch in keinem Punkatlas mehr zu finden war. Und genau im Jahr 1982, wo unsere "No Future" Generation als "Goldene Reiter", durch Atomwaffen / Kalten Krieg, und durch den Sound der Neuen Deutscher Welle / KBD geprägt wurde, knüpfen GEN NULL mit ihrem NDFW Sound an. Irgendwie fing irgendwann in jener Zeit die Zukunft an!
Neue Deutsche Freak Welle nennen GEN NULL diese geballte Ladung Elektroclash-Synthiepunk Mix, der sowohl punkige Einflüsse von ROTZKOTZ, MINISEX und DAF, sowie auch poppige FALCOness liefert. Und obwohl man diesem Sound die 80er Jahre anhört, sind GEN NULL weder ein dadaistisches Minimal-Wave Künstlerkollektiv, noch eine Rummelplatz-Retro-NDW Band.
Die 4 Songs auf dieser Scheibe zeigen, wie wenig sich die Band um authentisch klingende Nostalgie oder weichgespülte Kommerzromantik kümmert. Das pumpende "Hey, Maschine" läuft bald in jeder Shopping Mall, die schnelle Anti-Arbeits-Hymne "Businessgrab" kann man immer mal wieder zwischendurch auf der Fabrik- oder Bürotoilette hören, das poppig treibende "Displaystarre" ist der ideale Begleiter für einsame Herzen bei jeder U-Bahnfahrt und "Das Ende" schweißt Freunde mehr zusammen als ein gemeinsamer Knastaufenthalt….
Live gibt es dann richtig einen auf die Fresse, sobald sich der charismatische Sänger "Tabäus" (Nicht unähnlich Gabi Delgado-López von DAF) mit Mikro bewaffnet unters Publikum mischt…
Du willst GEN NULL, immer tanzbar, poppig, kritisch und schön kaputt, DAS Comeback deiner Jugend!!!

We at P. TRASH are more than happy to present you GEN NULL for the release of our 100th 7inch record, a band from our non-existent hometown which couldn't be found anywhere in the Punk atlas since the release of NOTDURFTs LP 35 years ago!
Exactly in 1982, a new kind of sound popped up everywhere in Germany, Punks discovered technology and started new bands and created a very distinctive sound that two years later was sucked dry and killed by the music industry under the label of NDW.
GEN NULL pick up that pre-NDW sound and call it NDFW - Neue Deutsche Freak Welle/New German Freak Wave, a mix of Electroclash and Synthpunk that takes influences of early German speaking bands like ROTZKOTZ, MINISEX and DAF and a certain FALCO coolness and deliver it with an up-to-date snotty attitude. The four fast and meldodic songs on this 7'' demonstrate that this band doesn't care neither for dadaistic Minimal-Wave nostalgia nor authentically sounding retro village fair music.
GEN NULL is just two punks with a laptop that want to make you dance and refuse!!!

EXIT - Words Of Wounds LP (Full Trash 143) (Co-release with No Front Teeth Rec.)

The brand new full-length from London post-punks THE EXIT featuring members of MISCALCULATIONS and GAGGERS. Ten cuts of dark and minimal synthpunk compositions evocative of JOY DIVISION, GARY NUMAN, THE SCREAMER, THE UNITS yet catchy post-punk with equal measures of THE CURE, SAD LOVERS & GIANTS, THEY FADE IN SILENCE, late DAMNED... The first LP shocked us at how well-received it was so don't snooze on this one.

FASHIONISM - Same LP (Full Trash 138)
FASHIONISM are from Vancouver, British Columbia that features Jeffrey from TRANZMITORS / JEFFY GENETIC AND HIS CLONES, JUST JEFFREY as well as Josh from THE JOLTS, Alex from NEW TOWN ANIMALS, and Robin on bass. It sounds a lot like TRANZMITORS, except it's a little less power pop that turn into melodic STATUES-like bombs. It's almost mean! It's going to be a Singles Comp LP type thing!

CHILLER - Debut LP (Full Trash 139)

From the ashes of FERAL TRASH, Eric on guitar and vocals and Ilisha on guitar and vocals, created a new band called CHILLER and it's a sort of continuation of FERAL TRASH and THALIDOMY KIDS. Eric and Ilisha are both writing songs and have enlisted in the help of Tim Ostler (MOTHER CHILDREN / YEAR ZERO) on drums and Erin Ewing (BLACK TOWER / VISITORS) on bass.

MODERN ACTION – 1st 7" & Radioactive Boy 7" comes as a limd. Double 7"

(Double 7" include their red Hot "Debut" 7" plus "Radioactive Boy" 7" from this great band featuring members of THE BRIEFS, THE BODIES And THE SHIFTERS. Comes with great packaged!!
This slabs contains upbeat two minute bashers that not surprisingly pull from a mixture of BRIEFS/BODIES music topped off with the Saints-esque vocal stylings of the SHIFTERS.
You will get nothing short of what is adverstised as what you think you should get-you get, and they deliver the goods.
The songs come barn-storming off the needle at high volume and don't let up till your sack is exploded into spaghetti strands...)

THE BODIES - Angel On The Nine 7"
(P.Trash version is limd. 300 col.wax / silkscreen sleeve versions....)

SHARP OBJECTS - Another Victim 7"
SHARP OBJECTS are back with a bang! Many thought there was no way they could follow up their nut splitting debut...well, as usual, the masses are wrong…last time we left off, you had a pile of steaming spaghetti splattered on your hardwood floor, well these 2 new songs will take whats left of your sac and blast your flaps and veins through the sheetrock and blast off your roommates nuts…your nuts? gone…your roommates nuts? gone…whats left? 2 piles of spaghetti for your girlfriend to clean up… sophmore slump? I don’t think so…we said it for "Zero Ambition" and now we realize we may have lied, THIS is the 7” of the year…

LINE TRAPS - Same LP (Full Trash 128)

P.Trash got the offer from the band to release a special silkscreen sleeve version for our P.Trash Clubmembers!
Faster and Louder blog calling:
What a record! Even with all the great stuff out there right now in the punk/garage world, I've really been missing simple, snarling punk music like this. Maybe Line Traps will inspire a new movement. Or perhaps they've given us a debut album so good that no one will bother trying to top it. The "best band in Canada" conversation looks to be getting even more complicated!!!
When a band introduces itself as "a 40-year-old guy who grew up on '80s hardcore, bargain punk records, and '90s garage with two fresh-faced 23-year-old girls who love all that shit too", I know my ears are in for a royal treat! And so we have the mighty LINE TRAPS out of Victoria, British Columbia - a trio reviving the garage punk by way of ANGRY SAMOANS or BRUTAL KNIGHTS stylings of pre-millennium greats like LOLI AND THE CHONES and ZODIAC KILLERS. On its 12-song (one-sided) debut LP, this band comes hard and fast with a perfect blend of ferocious hardcore punk and trashy garage goodness. With songs mostly in the 1-2 minute range, each track is a quick burst of attitude and aggression. At no point do LINE TRAPS find it necessary to slow things down or stretch the ambitions of their songwriting. Instead it's one ripper after another - with songs so good you'd swear you heard a few of them on an old volume of KILLED BY DEATH. You may know singer/guitarist T. Depression from his one man band THE NEW KRIME. LINE TRAPS are essentially the full band version of THE NEW KRIME - with Poly Ethylene (bass) and S. Pressure (drums) comprising the consummate trash punk rhythm section and hands down the coolest backup vocal tandem I've heard in years. Furious cuts like "ShockAppeal", "She's Electric", and "Mannequin" have me constantly checking to make sure I haven't time traveled back to the late '90s.

CAVE CURSE - Future Dust LP (Full Trash 141) (Co-release with FDH Rec.)

New synth punk duo CAVE CURSE around BOBBY HUSSY. This is a new page for him, he is more known for his guitar/songwriting work in the HUSSY and FIRE RETARDED. Also been in a band called TIT with SHAWN FOREE who released one 12" since forming in 2014.
It's a new thing for Bobby to be known as a synth player, but trying out new shit is what makes life fun right?
The band started as a solo bedroom synth pop project but has since morphed into a full on synth punk band with live drummer Will Gunnerson from underground noise punk two-piece JABBERJOSH! "Future Dust" offers 9 songs (8 originals and a DIGITAL LEATHER cover) of dark synthpunk. Possibly best described by Bobby as "a record for all the stoners, loners and droners of the godforsaken world we live in". On "Future Dust", are upbeat synth smashers that could fit quite nicely on a classic synthpunk LPs from LOST SOUNDS like "Black Wave" or "Memphis Is Dead". This debut LP is limited to 500 copies and co-released with FDH Records in USA!

Limd. 100 "Regular" P.Trash Rec. Edit.
Limd. ? "FDH Rec." Edit.
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. Special sleeve edit. more info soon...

DIGITAL LEATHER - Pink Thunder LP (Full Trash 142) (Co-release with FDH Rec.)

DIGITAL LEATHER has returned with a 10th LP of dark synthpop on "Pink Thunder". The brainchild Shawn Foree, DIGITAL LEATHER has seen many different lineup over the years. Lastly releasing "All Faded" record with a full band back in 2015. "Pink Thunder" is a return to the early days on Shawn being a one man band writing and recording the entire album. This 11 song album captures the wonderful poppy (not unlike the dancefloor smashers from A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS did in the early 80's) yet sarcastically dark art that nobody can do quite like DIGITAL LEATHER. The first pressing of this record is limited to 500 copies co-released with FDH Records in USA and will be on pink vinyl!

Limd. 150 "Regular" pink vinyl, regular sleeve edit. P.Trash Rec. Edit.
Limd. 250 "FDH Rec." pink vinyl, regular sleeve edit. FDH Edit.
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. pink vinyl, special sleeve edit. more info soon...

CAGED ANIMAL - Debut LP (Full Trash 144) (Co-release with No Front Teeth Rec.)
The birth of another great Punk / Post-Punk band from all-rounder Marco Palumbo

TOYOTAS - Turn Away Oneside-10" (Short-Circuit Trash 07) (Co-release with Stencil Trash Rec.)

Maybe germans best band ever say goodbye with their last recorded songs!!!

NIGHTWATCHERS - Who's To Blame Oneside-LP (Full Trash 145)(Co-release with No Glory / La Agonia de Vivir / Inhumano Discos / Endless Daze Rec.)

The record comes as a one-sided-12inch with a silkscreened B-side with bonded hands image....

SVART KATT - Debut LP (Full Trash 146)

SACCHARINE SOUVENIRS 2nd LP (Co-release with No Front Teeth Rec.)

GEN NULL - Totmannschalter 12"